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Preservation of the cultural & historic resources

The Arch Café, LLC has received the honor of operating on the grounds of the Gateway Arch National Park by National Park Service. We welcome the opportunity to contribute to and educate visitors about the preservation of the cultural and historic resources of the Park.  The Arch Cafe, LLC believes that by working together we can ensure the park's cultural and historic heritage is preserved for future generations.

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Courtesy of the National Park Service.

What we do

We provide an interactive experience for the visitors at the Arch Café: an informative website and educational displays distributed around the interior. These exhibits vary from conventional murals (as shown below) to museum rails panels, posters & flip signs to more creative solutions which include tabletops containing fun facts about the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, and a map showing the Westward Expansion trails and where we source our food at the same time.

How You can help

The way to help preserve the culture and history of the area is simple. Take advantage of the variety of educational materials that we provide and pass the knowledge on to your children.

We encourage a visit to the "For Kids" section of our website to learn about activities that can teach kids about the region in a child-friendly and fun way.

For more information about how you can get involved, please visit the National Park Service page.