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Group Meal Options

At the Gateway Arch National Park, we offer two group meal options to choose from. They are detailed below.

Healthy and Delicious Gluten-Free Food Options

Eating out can be tricky if you have certain medical conditions. The wrong entrée could send you to the emergency room with stomach pains or respiratory distress. And many restaurants do not accommodate patrons with various dietary restrictions, so finding somewhere to dine can be difficult. However, some restaurants make it easy for you to have a meal away from home. Prevent food-related illnesses with gluten-free food options from ARCH Café.

Finding meals that meet your dietary needs or restrictions is challenging and it can pose a serious problem when planning a private party or business meeting where you want to serve food. We offer delicious and nutritious meal options for you and others. Our staff works with you to create a menu that includes something for everyone while ensuring items fit your special dietary requirements.

While many baked goods contain gluten, our knowledgeable and skilled team will prepare dishes that exclude them. Even so, you and your guests will have food that suits the occasion. We focus on ensuring that everyone has a good time and stays healthy by eating foods that agree with them.

Contact our café for more information about our gluten-free food options.

Perfect For Any Group

There’s nothing better than spending time with the people you care about. But it can take a lot of work and planning to organize a successful group event. ARCH Café, is ready to make your life a little easier by taking on the food element of your event. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the great company. Our group meals in St. Louis, MO, are convenient, delicious, and sure to be a hit with people of all ages. We even have special rates for the kids.

Whether you’re planning a class trip for your students, a reunion for your family members, or a team-building retreat for your colleagues, you can count on us to supply the perfect food for the occasion. We even host groups of friends who are simply looking for a great place to spend a meal together during their day in the park. Regardless of the occasion, we’re ready to fuel you with truly impressive dishes.

Contact us today with any questions about our group meals in St. Louis, MO. And don’t forget to check out our café menu to learn more about our food. We can’t wait to meet you and everyone in your group.

1. At the Arch Café and Restaurant

  • Groups are offered vouchers for their meal.
  • The vouchers include a main entrée and a beverage.

2. Under the Arch

  • Choose a box lunch for your group, and we will have it ready for you when you depart.
  • Choice of sandwiches or salads.
  • Lunch comes in an attractive tote bag.

Group Pricing
From 20 to 100 People - $12.95/Person
For more than 100 People - Please inquire
Kids Meal (12 and under)
For 20 to 100 Kids - $5.00/Child

Meal Vouchers Order Form

Delicious Food for Everyone

Planning a day trip for your class or group to the Gateway Arch and need a delicious lunch? Then the ARCH Café has you covered. We offer group meals in St Louis, MO, both at our restaurant and under the archway. These meal packages include something for everyone and are a great way to keep your group fed while they enjoy their day in the Gateway Arch National Park.

When you choose to eat at our café and restaurant, your group members will be able to choose any main entrée and beverage off our menu, which specializes in farm-to-table food. We offer mouthwatering burgers, delicious subs and sandwiches, and slow-smoked St. Louis-style ribs.

Eating in the Park

If you would prefer to take your meal into the park, we offer our freshly made box lunches. With our boxed meals, you will have a selection of sandwiches and salads for your group to enjoy while they spend their day exploring the area under the Arch. So contact us to discuss your group’s dietary requirements and let our team take care of your lunch when you visit the Gateway Arch. We want everyone’s trip to be memorable and fun.